Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tagaytay foodtrip, the nth time

As always, Tagaytay for our family is synonymous to foodtrip.

Just like last year before heading to our brief R&R in Nasugbu, Batangas, we had a brief stopover in this city and filled our tummies once more. 

We headed to the famous Mahogany market where the freshest beef is being sold after being butchered early in the day. Beside it, eateries/food stalls abound where Filipino food is the main fare. These are the cheaper alternatives to the numerous restaurants found in the city. But, it doesn't mean that food quality and service is lesser. 

After about seven minutes, our order of Nilagang bulalo (stewed beef shank) came. I must say, it was flavoooorful!❤

hungry = blurred photo 

This came later so I had a clearer photo. Delicious, crunchy and melt in your mouth baby tawilis

Then before we head back to Manila from Nasugbu, my son requested for a Sizzling Bulalo steak(yes, he's a certified carnivorous) because he kept on hearing from us that in the 90's we frequent Bakahan Manukan of the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants just for this. So we tried one in Leslie's.


Nothing special though. It was tender but I find the meat dry, and the gravy wasn't that appetizing, too. Mas masarap pa rin sa Mahogany.

sinful, though we didn't eat the marrow

But this, I found yummy. Halata na bang biased ako sa seafood? 
Grilled Plapla
and was totally refreshed by this...

straight from its source, buko(coco) juice!

Known for having a view deck overlooking Taal Volcano, we wasted no time... 

my family

then officially topped this tummy and fun-filled trip with our fave pastry.

See you soon, Tagaytay! 

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